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iGage 10-24 Financing

All Carlson software and hardware product purchases totaling $5,000 or more can be purchased through the "iGage 10-24" program. (On approved credit.)

Both lease and EFA (Equipment Finance Agreement) terms are available. The application is a single page and approvals typically only take a few hours.

'Tax Leases' vs. 'Non-Tax Leases': The IRS does not consider 'Tax Leases' (FMV, 10% Option) to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible expense. Therefore, you may lower your taxable income by deducting the lease payments. 'Non-Tax Leases' (FMV, $1 Buyout) are eligible for IRC Section 179 benefits.

Speed: Leasing allows you to quickly respond to new opportunities. Our leases are typically approved in one day. Leasing may provide your business with better cash-flow, allow you to purchase higher-end equipment, provide a better tax treatment (consult your tax professional), match purchase terms to useful equipment life allowing more frequent equipment upgrades, and conserve cash flow. It is estimated that 1/3 of all business equipment is leased!

Consult with your tax advisor for the specific impacts on your business!

iGage 10-24 Program Description

24-Months at 0% Financing; 10% Down payment; $150 Application Fee

Through the iGage 10-24 financing program we offer nearly 'same as cash' rates, fast response, and great service!

We can help you improve cash flow, you can avoid big down payments, and you can get 90% financing. In addition, our leasing and finance programs are easier and faster than bank financing, and may provide you with tax benefits*.

Ask your sales representative for more information on financing or leasing your purchase.

EFA / Leasing Requirements

Insurance is required for EFA and Leasing:

Property Insurance for the value of the equipment naming us as the 'Loss Payee'

General Public Liability Insurance naming us as 'Additionally Insured' on leases.

Credit Approval is fast, typically taking only a few hours. Our application is short and easy to complete.

The Process

1. We can help you determine the equipment you wish to purchase and provide you with a firm price quotation including delivery costs. Let us know that you are interested in leasing and we will provide a short lease application with the quotation.

2. Compete the Lease Application, sign it and fax or email it to the number/address at the top of the application.

3. Upon approval, you will receive lease documents for completion. Return the documents and your equipment will usually ship within a day

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iGage 10-24 Financing for Carlson Products


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