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Every year, all year long, Carlson continuously makes all of their desktop products better so you can be more efficient. These enhancements are rolled out continuously, then added to major updates which are distributed annually in October as a major product release.

The 2020 editions of Carlson Desktop Products were released October 2019 and include 100's of important updates. Most importantly they provide seamless integration with the latest versions of competing CAD products.

If you have a previous version of Carlson desktop products and it is under maintenance, you can automatically generate a 2019 upgraded serial number using this online [ tool ]:

If you would like to demo the 2019 version of any product, call us at 801-412-0011 or send email to sp@igage.com and we will get you a 2019 serial number for a fully enabled 30-day trial.

If your maintenance has lapsed, take a screen shot of your current serial number and send it to sp@igage.com; we will get you an estimate to get back on the maintenance track for the latest version and another full year's updates.

To get your existing serial number, from the main menu click on 'Help: About Carlson' then click on the 'Registration' button:

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your registration numbers will be displayed:

Take a screen shot (alt-Prt Scr) and send it to sp@igage.com; we will get you a quotation and quickly get you back in the maintenance program.

2019 General Improvements

AutoCAD 2019 Added support for this new version.

IntelliCAD 9.0 Support for latest .dwg file format. New commands like 3D solids, Text Explode to Polylines and CLine. Properties dialog has tree view option with sub-selection. More DGN command support. Added Customize User Interface dialog and Tool Palettes.

Enterprise Licensing Added support for multiple seats per serial number.

3D Viewers Major performance improvements for handling large models. Added method to use different textures for surfaces based onslope. Added method to color the surface by the normals of the 3D faces. Added display of x,y,z coordinates for position of the cursor on the surface. Added control for thickness of linework.

Surface File Viewer Added function to reload the surface. Added method to load multiple surfaces or solids.

3D Model Library New command to define how to render CAD entities for 3D viewer for points, lines and areas.

3D Entity to 2D Added support to flatten 3D Solids.

Transparent Snap Added a PI snap method.

Drawing Save Log New command to report the date, time and user for when the dwg has been saved.

Select By Filter Added filter for open/close status of polylines.

Make Arcs Tangential New command to adjust polylines to make arcs tangential.

Chamfer By Chord Length Added method for multiple chords.

Remove Polyline Arcs Added method to replace arcs with a set number of chords.

Change Lineweight New command to set the lineweight for the selected entities.

Centroid Point Added options to draw symbol and report elevation.

Leader With Text Added option to underline the text with the leader.

Style Report New command to list font files used in the drawing and the style properties.

Output Layouts to PDF Added option to optimize geometry.

Drawing Setup Added optional field for project location to include in reports and use for geolocating.

Report Formatter Improved Import/Export to process selected reports and avoid name conflicts.



Move Point Attributes with Leader  Added method for labels above or below leader.

Edit Points  Added a toolbar to the dialog for quicker access to common functions.

Point Group Manager  Added functions to sort the groups by name or number of points.

Edit/Process Raw Data  Added method to track any edits such as changing a rod height. Added function to scale values such as from meters to feet. Added processing for SurvCE tilt records.

Edit/Process Level Data  Added report summary of elevations changes to the coordinate file.

Field To Finish  For multi-point symbols, added option to center the symbol instead of using the first control point when only one point is survey, and added detection for points surveyed in the wrong order. For split multiple codes, added option to only draw symbol from the second code. Color setting now used for main, point and 3D polyline layers. Added option to keep trailing digits when creating a code table from CRD file. Added method to store GIS data to the CRDB.

Draw Building Envelope Polyline  Added option to draw cross lines between corners.

Distance Between Two Entities  Added option to dimension the minimum distance.

Best Fit Centerline  Added settings for the minimum points on an arc and settings to make arcs tangential.

Label Station Offset  Added option to label the lat/lon.

Offset Point Entry  Added option whether to draw the new points.

Elevation Along Entity  New command to create points at an elevation interval along a 3D polyline.

Import Angle/Distance File  New command to draw a polyline using angles and distances in a text file.

Annotation Defaults  Added setting for bearing leader offset and option to round angles to nearest 15 seconds.

Arc Annotation  Added option to strip degrees leading zero for delta angles.

Arc Dimensions  New command to label arc values along the chord or radial lines.

Label Angle  Added option to draw dimension leaders for interior angles.

Line Table  Added option to include the total distance.

Curve Table  Added fields for the PC, PT and PI stations.

Set Lot Edge Angles to Nearest Second  Added setting for how many seconds to round to.



Triangulation File Utilities  Added Quadric Error method for the Simplify function. Added a Laplacian method for the Smooth function. Added minimize flat triangles method in the Enhance Flats function. Added function to Refine triangulation that adds points for more uniform triangles. Added Export method to output a text file of the points and triangle indexes. Added Shrink-Wrap function that removes perimeter edges. Added Clean function to remove duplicate points within a tolerance and rebuild.

Grid File Utilities  Added Slope function.

Import Google Surface  Updated method for creating a surface model for an area from Google Earth data.

Slope Report  Added option to report by cut/fill areas.

Design Pad Template  Added option for no tie slope when the cut/fill is less than a minimum.

Draw Triangular Mesh  Added option to draw the TIN surface as a surface object.

Draw 3D Grid File  Added option to draw the grid surface as a surface object.

Draw Spot Elevations  Added option to use MText. Added option for prefix or suffix on a separate row. Added leader style with horizontal underscore and option to draw a symbol with a leader.

Label Pad Elevation  Added option to create labels at real Z.

Cut/Fill Labels  Added option to only label cut or fill.

Extend 3D Polyline To Surface  New command to extend a 3D polyline to the intersection with a surface model.

Parking Spaces  Added options to set line width, to draw baseline, to pick side and to draw handicap marker.

Parking Buffer Zone  New command to draw a buffer zone next to a parking space such as for handicap parking spots.

Label Station/Offset  Added option to use MLeaders.

Vehicle Path Tracking (Profile)  New command for checking a profile for vertical clearance.

Profile From 3D Points  Added method to process a selection set of points.

Draw Profile  Added a description table to translate profile descriptions into labels and set symbols by description. Added option to skip the profile grid range dialog. Added method to draw a waterline profile based on a profile point description. Added method to create slope labels at an interval. Added option to label the sump depth on sewer profiles. Added option to label the pipe capacity on sewer profiles.

Draw Sections  Added offset label settings for prefix and suffix and option whether to label offsets. Added option to skip zero end area labels. For the horizontal label box, added options to label at an interval, to label at break points and to use first section to control label positions.

Digitize Sections  Added option to prompt for descriptions.

Input Edit Section File  Added depth display and method to edit elevations by depth. Added option in translate to remove station equations.

Sections To 3D Polylines  Added option to layer the polylines using the section offset descriptions. Added option to connect 3D polylines by sequence number of the section offsets.

Sections Set Descriptions By Polylines New command to assign section descriptions by selecting plan view polylines.

Design Template  Added method for subgrades to set their distance to the TIE point. Added method for subgrade slope method of Continue Slope to tie in vertically at grade limit when no intersection is available.

Process Road Design  Added method to use a target surface for fill benches. Added control for break point spacing on parabolic grades.

Process Design Sections  Added option to use profile and small station interval in case input design sections are far apart.


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