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Every year, all year long, Carlson continuously makes all of their desktop products better so you can be more efficient. These enhancements are rolled out continuously, then added to major updates which are distributed annually in October as a major product release.

The [ 2021 ] editions of Carlson Desktop Products were released October 2021 and include 100's of important updates. Most importantly they provide seamless integration with the latest versions of competing CAD products.

If you have a previous version of Carlson desktop products and it is under maintenance, you can automatically generate a 2021 upgraded serial number using this online [ tool ]:

If you would like to demo the 2021 version of any product, call us at 801-412-0011 or send email to sp@igage.com and we will get you a 2021 serial number for a fully enabled 30-day trial.

If your maintenance has lapsed, take a screen shot of your current serial number and send it to sp@igage.com; we will get you an estimate to get back on the maintenance track for the latest version and another full year's updates.

To get your existing serial number, from the main menu click on 'Help: About Carlson' then click on the 'Registration' button:

(1)    (2)

your registration numbers will be displayed:

Take a screen shot (alt-Prt Scr) and send it to sp@igage.com; we will get you a quotation and quickly get you back in the maintenance program.



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