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Carlson Surveyor2 Data Collector

Carlson Surveyor Data Collectors
Powered by SurvCE

The speed you need… 
The absolute reliability you deserve!

Rugged, Field Ready
  IP68 water & dust resistant. Rubber bumpers on end caps, dust caps on connections. Chemically strengthened glass.

More Memory, Faster Processor
  Up to 8-gigabytes with micro-SD expansion slot, 1.0GHz ARM Cortex AB i.MX53 processor

Larger Brighter Screen
  Mini2: 3.6″ wide  x 7.25″ length x 1.5″ thin (91 x 184 x 38 mm) Portrait Display
  Surveyor2: 4.3″ (109 mm) VGA LCD TFT (640 x 480) Landscape Display
Amazing contrast and performance in sunlight.

Connections and Radios
Surveyor2 End Cap

  1 Serial Port, USB Master, USB Slave, PoGo Pins, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Easy to Hold and Run
  Surveyor2: Just 2 pounds! Keys’ size & QWERTY location optimized for precise handling
  Mini2: 1.3 pounds!

Back-lit Keys
  Easily see when quick command keys are activated

Long Battery Life
  10-hour operation, 2-hours to a full charge!

Call +801-412-0011 for special offers on complete kits that include the Data Collector, Software and Pole Brackets.


With SurvCE Total Station (Basic)
6000.075.001 Surveyor2 Standard (8010.804.021) w/ SurvCE Basic $3,650
6000.075.011 Surveyor2 Standard Cell (8010.804.025) w/ SurvCE Basic $4,150
6000.075.021 Surveyor2 GEO/Camera (8010.804.029) w/ SurvCE Basic $3,950
6000.075.031 Surveyor2 GEO/Camera Cell (8010.804.033) w/ SurvCE Basic $4,450
With SurvCE GPS Only
6000.076.001 Surveyor2 Standard (8010.804.021) w/ SurvCE GPS Only $3,900
6000.076.011 Surveyor2 Standard Cell (8010.804.025) w/ SurvCE GPS Only $4,400
6000.076.021 Surveyor2 GEO/Camera (8010.804.029) w/ SurvCE GPS Only $4,200
6000.076.031 Surveyor2 GEO/Camera Cell (8010.804.033) w/ SurvCE GPS Only $4,700
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