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Carlson's Annual Maintenance

Carlson's Annual Maintenance is an optional program that allows you to purchase 12-months of program updates at a 90% discount.

Maintenance purchased at the time of the initial software purchase qualifies you to automatically receive all upgrades released for the next 15 months (3-months is always included, maintenance extends 12-months.) If purchased within 90 days of your Software purchase, pricing for Maintenance is 10% of the retail price of the software.

You may perpetually purchase maintenance each year extending coverage for an indefinite period.

New in 2019: Allowing maintenance to expire incurs a 10% penalty!

FREE technical support available from the Carlson factory is not dependent on Maintenance status. You do not need to have an active maintenance contract to receive technical support--however the resolution to your problem may be to update to the latest version.

Maintenance is not available for Carlson Survey with Embedded AutoCAD, however discounted [ embedded upgrades ] are available.

Carlson Annual Maintenance Pricing updated Aug 2020
Product Stand Alone Network
Civil Suite $395.00 $432.50
Carlson Civil $175.00 $192.50
Carlson Survey $195.00 $214.50
Carlson Hydrology $125.00 $137.50
Carlson GIS $110.00 $121.00
Survey 2020 OEM Upgrade from 2019 $695
Survey 2020 OEM Upgrade from 2018 $995
Survey 2020 OEM Upgrade from 2017 $1,295
Survey 2020 OEM Upgrade from pre 2017 $1,695

Synchronizing Maintenance

If you already have Carlson products on maintenance, it will greatly simplify your life if we make all of your maintenance expirations happen in the same month. Let us know and we will prorate the maintenance so that it aligns with your current products.

It does not cost more to align maintenance expiration dates. (It does take special effort by us, but we are happy to do it!)

Maintenance Policy

  • Maintenance is included for free for 90-days after initial product purchase.

  • Maintenance obtained at the time of initial software purchase applies for 15 months (the default 3-months plus 12 more.)

  • An active Maintenance Plan can be renewed annually at a cost of 10% of software list price.

  • If Maintenance is not renewed prior to expiration, a 1-year Maintenance Plan costs 15% of software list price and increases by 5% per year after expiration date.

  • Additional license purchases fall into the maintenance program currently in place for 1-year maintenance programs.

  • The maintenance program is all-inclusive and updates all modules (newly and previously purchased) of Carlson office products, including Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Takeoff, Field, Mining, and Construction.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Automatic free upgrades for all modules when a new version is released.

  • Manuals can be downloaded or printed manuals can be purchased separately.

  • Periodic new feature additions within the 1-year release cycle.

  • Toll-free priority technical support.



Carlson products that have have fallen out of annual maintenance can be upgraded at a percentage of the retail price depending upon the length of time out of date:

Years Out of Date Percentage of Retail
1 20%
2 30%
3 40%
4 50%
5 50%
6 50%
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